教授 檜山 哲哉 / Prof. Hiyama


Title Journal/Book Authors PDF
Autumn cooling paused increased net CO2 release in central EurasiaNature Climate Change
Kondo, M., Sasakawa, M., Machida, T., Arshinov, M. and Hiyama, T.


Title Journal/Book Authors PDF
Contribution of summer net precipitation to winter river discharge in permafrost zone of the Lena River basinJournal of Hydrology
Hiyama, T., Park, H., Kobayashi, K., Lebedeva, L. and Gustafsson, D.
Enhanced Arctic moisture transport toward Siberia in autumn revealed by tagged moisture transport model experimentnpj Climate and Atmospheric Science
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Kanamori, H., Abe, M., Fujinami, H. and Hiyama, T.
Contrasting 20–year trends in NDVI at
two Siberian larch forests with and
without multi–year waterlogging–induced disturbances
Environmental Research Letters
Nagano, H., Kotani, A., Mizuochi, H., Ichii, K., Kanamori, H. and Hiyama, T.
Dominant spatial-patterns of
interannual variability in summer precipitation across northern Eurasia from CMIP5 models
International Journal of Climatology
Abe, M., Fujinami, H. and Hiyama, T.


Title Journal/Book Authors PDF
Quantitative separation of precipitation and permafrost waters used for evapotranspiration in a boreal forest: A numerical study using tracer modelJournal of Geophysical Research – Biogeosciences
Park, H., Tanoue, M., Sugimoto, A., Ichiyanagi, K., Iwahana, G. and Hiyama, T.
Effect of permafrost thawing on discharge of the Kolyma River, northeastern SiberiaRemote Sensing
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Numerical assessments of excess ice impacts on permafrost and greenhouse gases in a Siberian tundra site under a warming climateFrontiers in Earth Science: Cryospheric Sciences
Park, H., Fedorov, A.N., Konstantinov, P. and Hiyama, T.
Mapping the main characteristics of permafrost on the basis of a permafrost‐landscape map of Yakutia using GIS Land
Shestakova, A.A., Fedorov, A.N., Torgovkin, Y.I., Konstantinov, P.Y., Vasyliev, N.F., Kalinicheva, S.V., Samsonova, V.V., Hiyama, T., Iijima, Y., Park, H., Iwahana, G. and Gorokhov, A.N.
Lessons learned from more than a decade of greenhouse gas flux measurements at boreal forests in eastern Siberia and interior Alaska Polar Science
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Groundwater age of spring discharges under changing permafrost conditions: the Khangai Mountains in central MongoliaEnvironmental Research Letters
Hiyama, T., Dashtseren, A., Asai, K., Kanamori, H., Iijima, Y. and Ishikawa, M.
Dynamic mapping of subarctic surface water by fusion of microwave and optical satellite data using conditional adversarial networksRemote Sensing
Mizuochi, H., Iijima,Y., Nagano, H., Kotani, A. and Hiyama, T.


Title Journal/Book Authors PDF
Accelerated continental-scale
snowmelt and ecohydrological impacts in the four largest Siberian river basins in response to spring warming
Hydrological Processes, 34巻(頁:3867–3881)
Suzuki, K., Hiyama, T., Matsuo, K., Ichii, K., Iijima, Y. and Yamazaki, D.
Application of an open-path eddy covariance methane flux measurement system to a larch forest in eastern Siberia Agricultural and Forest Meteorology , 282-283巻 (頁:107860)
Nakai, T., Hiyama, T., Petrov, R.E., Kotani, A., Ohta, T. and Maximov, T.C.


Effects of long- and short-term atmospheric water cycles on the water balance over the Maritime ContinentJournal of Hydrometeorology   
19 1413-1427   
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Hydrological variability and changes in the Arctic circumpolar tundra and the three largest pan-Arctic river basins from 2002 to 2016Remote Sensing   10 402  
Suzuki, K., Matsuo, K., Yamazaki, D., Ichii, K., Iijima, Y., Papa, F., Yanagi, Y. Hiyama, T.


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18 2907-2922   
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199 370-388  
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Permafrost livelihoods: A transdisciplinary review and analysis of thermokarst-based systems of indigenous land useAnthropocene   
18 89-104   
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Nonlinear advection-aridity method for landscape evaporation and its application during the growing season in the southern Loess Plateau of the Yellow River basinWater Resources Research  
53(1) 270-282   2017年1月
Brutsaert, W., Li, W., Takahashi, A., Hiyama, T., Zhang, L. and Liu, W.Z.
水文・水資源学における学際研究の推進について -学術出版賞を拝受して思うこと-水文・水資源学会誌  
30(1) 4-5  


Climate-induced extreme hydrologic events in the ArcticRemote Sensing  
  8(11) 971  
Sakai, T., Matsunaga, T., Maksyutov, S., Gotovtsev, S., Gagarin, L., Hiyama, T., Yamaguchi, Y.
東シベリア・カラマツ林における水・エネルギー・炭素循環 -GAME,CREST,RIHNの成果より-水文・水資源学会誌  
  29(5) 294-312   
太田岳史・檜山哲哉・小谷亜由美・山崎剛・Trofim C. Maximov
Spatial and temporal variations in photosynthetic capacity of a temperate deciduous-evergreen forestTrees – Structure and Function  
  30(4) 1083-1093  
Hamada, S., Kumagai, T., Kochi, K., Kobayashi, N., Hiyama, T., Miyazawa, Y.
Recent interdecadal changes in the interannual variability of precipitation and atmospheric circulation over northern EurasiaEnvironmental Research Letters   
11 065001   
Hiyama, T., Fujinami, H., Kanamori, H., Ishige, T. and Oshima, K.
In situ measurement of CO2 and water vapor isotopic compositions at a forest site using mid-infrared laser absorption spectroscopyIsotopes in Environmental and Health Studies  
52(6) 603-618  
Wada, R., Matsumi, Y., Takanashi, S., Nakai, Y., Nakayama, T., Ouchi, M., Hiyama, T., Fujiyoshi, Y., Nakano, T., Kurita, N., Muramoto, K. and Kodama, N. 
  36(2) 81-92  
Satellite gravimetry-based analysis of terrestrial water storage and its relationship with run-off from the Lena River in eastern SiberiaInternational Journal of Remote Sensing 
  37(10) 2198-2210   
Suzuki, K., Matsuo, K. and Hiyama, 


温暖化による東シベリア永久凍土域の水環境変化と社会の適応 -適応策提言を目指した文理融合・学際型の国際共同研究-日本水文科学会誌
   45(3) 61-72  
アジアにおける陸域水循環・物質循環プロセス研究と展望; 陸域-大気相互作用研究を中心として地球環境
   20(2) 163-172   
Climate and year-to-year variability of atmospheric and terrestrial water cycles in the three great Siberian riversJournal of Geophysical Research Atmospheres
   120 3043-3062   
Oshima, K., Tachibana, Y. and Hiyama, T.
Preface to the special section “Soil and plant aspects in the Integrated Land Ecosystem-Atmosphere Processes Study (iLEAPS)”Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
   61(1) 1   
Hiyama, T., Saigusa, N. and Yagi, K.
Use of Landsat TM/ETM+ to monitor the spatial and temporal extent of spring breakup floods in the Lena River, SiberiaInternational Journal of Remote Sensing
   36 719-733   
Sakai, T., Hatta, S., Okumura, M., Hiyama, T., Yamaguchi, Y. and Inoue, G. 


Linking surface temperature based approaches for estimating soil heat flux with error propagationAtmospheric and Climate Sciences
   4 29-41   
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   7 188-196   
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Evaluation of surface water dynamics for water-food security in seasonal wetlands, north-central NamibiaIAHS Publication
  364 380-385   
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8 114-128
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Changes in eco-hydrological systems under recent climate change in eastern SiberiaIAHS Publication
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8 035040
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Isotopic variations associated with north-south displacement of the Baiu frontSOLA (Scientific Online Letters on the Atmosphere) 
9 187-190  
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   157 49-59
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Surface energy partitioning and evapotranspiration over a double-cropping paddy field in BangladeshHydrological Processes  
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The determination of permafrost thawing trends from long-term streamflow measurements with an application in eastern SiberiaJournal of Geophysical Research
  117 D22110
Brutsaert, W. and Hiyama, T.
訪問記 名水を訪ねて (98) 東シベリアの名水 ― ヤクーツク地域の水 ―地下水学会誌
54(3) 171-181


Observation of carbon and oxygen isotopic compositions of CO2 at an urban site in Nagoya using Mid-IR laser absorption spectroscopyAtmospheric Environment
 45 1168-1174
Wada, R., Pearce, J.K., Nakayama, T., Matsumi, Y., Hiyama, T., Inoue, G. and Shibata, T.
Stability dependence of canopy flows over a flat larch forestBoundary-Layer Meteorology
   139 97-120
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NDVI responses to the forest canopy and floor from spring to summer observed by airborne spectrometer in eastern SiberiaRemote Sensing of Environment   
115 3615-3624
Suzuki, R., Kobayashi, H., Delbart, N., Asanuma, J. and Hiyama, T.
シベリアにおける地球温暖化 ― 自然と人間の相互作用環に着目して ―ユーラシア研究
   45 4-9   


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蒸発散と大気境界層過程の調査法 -空間スケール別にみた最近の研究事例-日本水文科学会誌   39(2) 37-49   2010年2月 檜山哲哉・西川将典・高橋厚裕・藤波初木・劉元波・李薇・樋口篤志・劉文兆・福嶌義宏


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水の酸素・水素安定同位体を用いた地球水循環研究と今後の展望水文・水資源学会誌   21(2) 158-176   2008年3月檜山哲哉・阿部理・栗田直幸・藤田耕史・池田健一・橋本重将・辻村真貴・山中勤 


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R005556   2007年
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Detectability of day-to-day variability in the evaporative flux ratio: A field examination in the Loess Plateau of ChinaWater Resources
R005726   2007年
Liu,Y. and Hiyama,T 
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琵琶湖プロジェクト2002年フラックス面的集中観測(Catch A Plume by SATs: CAPS):その概要水文・水資源学会誌   17(4) 392-400   2004年7月玉川一郎・田中賢治・石田祐宣・樋口篤志・松島 大・浅沼 順・小野圭介・多田 毅・林 泰一・石川裕彦・田中広樹・檜山哲哉*・岩田 徹・田中健路・中北英一・CAPS 観測グループ 
Aircraft observations of the development of thermal internal boundary layers and scaling of the convective boundary layer over non-homogeneous land surfacesBoundary-Layer Meteorology   111 491-522   2004年4月Strunin, M.A., T. Hiyama*, J. Asanuma and T. Ohata 
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2001年筑波大学陸域環境研究センター(TERC)における乱流計測機集中観測:機器比較と校正による誤差の解析水文・水資源学会誌   17(1) 43-60   2004年1月石田祐宣・松島 大・樋口篤志・檜山哲哉・戸田 求・浅沼 順・玉川一郎・宮崎 真・田中賢治・杉田倫明・永井秀幸・田中久則・飯田真一・小林菜花子 
Controls on evapotranspiration in a west Siberian bogJournal of Geophysical Research   109(D08) D08111 (doi:10.1029/2003JD0041   2004年Shimoyama, K., T. Hiyama, Y. Fukushima and G. Inoue 


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落葉・常緑広葉樹から構成される二次林の気孔コンダクタンスの日変化と季節変化水文・水資源学会誌   16(2) 113-130   2003年Satiraporn Sirisampan・檜山哲哉・高橋厚裕・橋本哲・福嶌義宏 
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航空機を用いた大気-地表面相互作用の観測 -その特徴と歴史、そして成果-水文・水資源学会誌   16(2) 183-192   2003年浅沼順・玉川一郎・檜山哲哉・松島大 


Diurnal variation of CO2 concentration, D14C and d13C in an urban forest: Estimate of the anthropogenic and biogenic CO2 contributionsTellus   54B 97-109   2002年Takahashi,H.A., Konohira,E., Hiyama,T., Minami,M., Nakamura,T. and Yoshida,N.
都市二次林におけるCO2・熱フラックスの季節変化水文・水資源学会誌   15(3) 264-278   2002年小栗秀之・檜山哲哉
東シベリア・カラマツ林における移流項を考慮したエネルギー交換速度の再評価水文・水資源学会誌   15(6) 615-624   2002年田中広樹・太田岳史・T.C.Maximov・檜山哲哉 


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